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Splitting Up Together
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Animal Kingdom
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Those Who Can't
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Strange Nature
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Small Shots
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Actors Reel

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Jonah's acting highlights include:

*lead in an oscar nominated short

*principal in an emmy nominated series

*several acting awards

Jonah Beres is simply exceptional as Sam, aching in vulnerability even as he begins to discover his unexpected strengths.  It's a remarkable performance that instantly makes you want to watch anything else the young man has made.  Seriously


Richard Propes

The Independent Critic

BALLOON movie review

Jonah Beres is terrific in this role, perfectly capturing the above-it-all yet slightly predatory vibes of a slimy popular kid.

PEN15 Recap: Monday Night Raw   Sept 18, 2020   by Allie Pape


(Jonah Beres) is really striking in his manipulation. We see his consciousness of his power at such a young age — that’s darker than his just being a mean boy who internalizes toxic masculinity.

‘PEN15’ Is No Longer an Underdog, and That Feels Weird  Sept 16, 2020   by Brandon Yu

Recent Awards and Recognition

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